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3 Innovative Ideas For a Welcoming Office Space

Sitting in a waiting room is not high up on anyone's list of favourite things, but it is something we all do at one point or another. A waiting room or reception area doesn’t need to be boring and is welcome to creativity. To make your reception area as appealing as possible, you should take a couple of factors into consideration.

Work These Design Trends Into Your Office

How often do you think about how your office is set up? You should know that health and productivity go hand in hand and the latest trends in office design focus on both. Here are a few trends that you can easily work into your space.

3 Reasons You Need a Collaborative Workspace

There is never enough to say about the importance of office furniture in your workspace. It can change your environment and enhance productivity. Many companies are discovering the benefits of collaborative workspaces and for a good reason. Your office should be efficient, yet value creation. When you prioritize collaboration, you will see both of these. Read on to find out why having your employees band together is good for business.

Make Your Office Space Work For You

As your business grows, it is not always the case that your office space grows with you. If you are starting to feel cramped, don’t automatically jump to the conclusion that you need a bigger room. There are solutions to creating an inviting and engaging space with some small tweaks to what you already have.

An Office Your Employees Will Love

A lot of time is spent in the office, and some might consider it a home away from home. Employees have their personal desk, they interact with their co-workers, and they spend down time like lunch together. An impersonal space does nothing for the energy of an office. Instead, create a relaxing room that will produce comfortable and productive employees. Here are some elements that can be added to an office to make it inviting.

Upgrade Your Office With A New Reception Area

office furniture

The reception area has evolved over time and become a key focus of business design plans. While some shirk a well-appointed reception or lobby area as an unnecessary expenditure, there are strong arguments for making it a focus of your next investment. Here are three key reasons for investing in your reception area.

Open or Private Offices: Which Fits Your Company Better

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Open office floor plans are becoming more and more common, and with larger companies such as Facebook, Google, and Apple employing them that trend appears here to stay. But, does the open layout yield greater benefits than the traditional private office option? There are pros and cons to both options, and what it comes down to is a question about your company culture, and which layout works best for your team.

Modernise your Office Furniture and Increase Employee Morale

Office Furniture

When HR managers think about how to increase morale or improve retention very rarely is office furniture one of the first thoughts that pops into their mind. However, as the work environments change with technology and new generations enter the workforce being flexible from a furniture standpoint can net huge benefits regarding employee morale and production. Here are a few changes to consider the next time you are faced with this question.

Top 3 Reasons you Need an Open Office Floorplan

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It's hard to go a whole day and not hear of some new trend in design or technology. Office furniture may have been somewhat immune to that phenomenon until now that is. Open offices are becoming hugely popular among technology startups but are starting to infect other industries as well. Any business that can benefit to ease of collaboration and communication may want to consider making the change. Here are the top 3 things you should consider.

Why a Well-Designed Workspace May Help You Be Productive

Office Furniture

Business professionals, listen up. You may be missing out on a simple office hack that will transform your team's productivity. It's not a new tablet; it's not the hottest app or the trendiest wearable tech; it's simply—wait for it—your office environment.

Changing your office environment can invigorate your employees, lighten moods, increase productivity, and keep your team healthier. Don't believe us? Read on and you'll see why.

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