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Multifunction Copiers

Multifunction Copiers

Multifunction Copiers (also known as Multifunction Systems, Multifunction Printers, MFP's and MFD's) are the workhorse of the modern office. Similar to their predecessor, the office copier, these new systems make copies. They also do so much more including printing, scanning, and faxing. Best of all, they can be customized and integrated into your business workflows.

Affordable Colour Output

What if you mainly print in black and white but sometimes you need colour? New colour-enabled Multifunction Copiers like the Konica Minolta bizHub systems provide business colour options. Colour has never been more affordable. Plus, colour controls let you decide who can access colour output.

Network Printing

When your Multifunction Copiers are connected to your network a whole world of options open up. Network printing lets users print directly to the device. Scan-to-file lets users scan documents to network folders and your Document Management system. Scan-to-email makes it simple to send a document as an email attachment.

Finishing Options

Stapling, hole punch and even booklet making are avialable as finishing options on many of our Multifunction Copiers. Users can create fully-finished documents when copying or printing documents.

Customisation and Integration

Tightly integrate document scanning and printing with your business processes. We can customise the control panels on your Multifunciton Copier to automatically direct documents to the right place to streamline your workflows.


  • Save money with low operation costs
  • Improve your professional image with colour output
  • Streamline productivity by integrating scanning into your workflows
  • Save space
  • Reduce power usage by combining copy, print and fax devices into one unit

To learn more, browse our catalog of Multifunction Copiers and contact us now to request a demonstration of the latest systems.