Interactive Flat Panels

Having a high-resolution flat panel screen is crucial to any business, now more than ever. An interactive flat panel can take your presentations or team collaborations to another level. The BenQ RP series is ideal for the modern enterprise business when putting together picture-perfect 4K presentations. Along with creating seamless communication and real-time collaboration, these interactive flat panels are the perfect addition to your busy office.

These screens just about do it all, from using it as a whiteboard for quick notes and collaboration to screen sharing to video-conferencing. This all-in-one technology will change the way you do business.

With the built-in EZWrite annotation app, employees can instantly open a wide range of documents and directly mark on the screen for efficient idea sharing. Easily brainstorm or quickly set up meetings with employees around the corner or around the world. The RP series works smoothly with BenQ’s wireless presentation solution and allows employees to stream content from laptops or smart devices within seconds.

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