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Document Management

Document Management

Documents drive business processes. You can use document management technologies to streamline the flow of information through your business processes. When you do, you'll notice many benefits including streamlined workflow, enhanced security, improved complienace, and, most importantly, reduced expenses.

What is Document Management?

Document Management technologies allow you to scan (capture) paper documents, index them for retrieval and securely search your information. The end result: your team can find the information they need in seconds. Since users can only see documents they have permission to see, security is enhanced. With all of your documents in digital format, you can create a true disaster recovery strategy for your key documents.

Key Technologies

There are several core technologies that can be used to streamline your business processes:

Search and Retrieve

The core part of a Document Management system is the ability to search and retrieve the information you need quickly. User logins ensure security by letting you limit who sees what kinds of information. Available in on-site or hosted/cloud applications, today’s Document Management applications are easy to use and quick to deploy.


Whether you want to centralize your scanning with dedicated Scanners or provide distributed scanning services throughout your enterprise with Multifunction Copiers, Best Office has a wide range of scanners that quickly scan your paper documents into your document management system.

Capture Solutions

One of the biggest challenges in deploying a Document Management system is indexing your documents. Capture solutions use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Barcode Recognition to read information off of your scanned documents. This information can be used to index the documents for easy retrieval.

Electronic Forms

With Electronic Forms software, critical business documents like invoices can be stored directly into your Document Management system for archive as they are printed. You can also reformat your business documents, adding color, logos or barcodes without changing your line-of-business or accounting software.

How Can I Benefit?

  • Streamlined workflows with instant access to documents
  • Improved security with user roles
  • Enhanced disaster recovery with paper documents backed up off-site
  • Better compliance with regulations thorugh view logs and security
  • Reduced expenses with less office space dedicated to filing

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