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Modernise your Office Furniture and Increase Employee Morale

Office Furniture

When HR managers think about how to increase morale or improve retention very rarely is office furniture one of the first thoughts that pops into their mind. However, as the work environments change with technology and new generations enter the workforce being flexible from a furniture standpoint can net huge benefits regarding employee morale and production. Here are a few changes to consider the next time you are faced with this question.

Maintaining your Office Workhorse

Multifunction Printer

Your multifunction provider is one of those devices that may carry the entire business on it's back at times. A quality multifunction printer can last your company years and save you money every day. However, often printer upkeep gets ignored during the hustle of everyday business. Here are three ways you can make sure your office's workhorse is always up when you need it to be.

Document Management could save you BIG

Document Storage

Document management is one of those buzzwords that has been gaining popularity in IT for some time now. A document management system does what it sounds like; it manages your documents. It will handle everything from routing documents to the proper equipment to accounting for your printing. One significant benefit of the system is usually not talked about as much, document storage. Document Storage can have an enormous impact on your business' efficiency. Here are just a few ways it can affect your business.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Document Management

Document Management

Most responsible business owners are doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint across all sectors of their operation. Recycling programs, lights set on timers, or low flow plumbing; whatever it is, here is another one, but one that can benefit your business as well as the planet, Document Management.

Top 3 Reasons you Need an Open Office Floorplan

Office Furniture

It's hard to go a whole day and not hear of some new trend in design or technology. Office furniture may have been somewhat immune to that phenomenon until now that is. Open offices are becoming hugely popular among technology startups but are starting to infect other industries as well. Any business that can benefit to ease of collaboration and communication may want to consider making the change. Here are the top 3 things you should consider.

Streamline Your Office with a Multifunction Printer

Multifunction Printer

How many devices do you have in your office? In most businesses that answer is "too many." Especially if your business has been around long enough to have operated just on paper, or the phrase "these computers make everything so much harder" are heard in your office often. It isn't uncommon. First you needed a fax, then a computer, then a printer, then a scanner, and that is how it happened. But, there is good news. You don't need all of those devices anymore. If you are using multiple devices to make up your printing solution look into slimming it down with a multifunction printer.

Document Storage - The New Filing Cabinet

Document Storage

How many filing cabinets does your business use? Probably at least two to three, and often at least one drawer is not used to store documents at all. To add expense to inefficiency most filing cabinets can cost upwards of $200 with more features than a storage box ever needs. Document storage takes it all away. There is a cost, but the increases in efficiency and floor space will more than makeup for it.

5 Productivity Issues Document Management Can Solve Today

Document Management

Any office in any industry can increase productivity with a Document Management program, but often the perceived obstacles are not balanced by the potential benefits. This perspective is shared by many business owners and could leave your team sinking in a bog of an unnecessary process that is robbing productivity and cash flow from your business. Here are five real and immediate benefits you WILL see with Document Management.

1. Unlock a higher level of collaboration for your team

Top 4 Reasons You Need Document Management

Document Management

Document management has become a bit of an industry buzzword. Most people have a general idea of what it is and how it can help their business, but they may not understand the specifics. Here are the top four reasons why your business should implement a document management system today!

1. Cost Savings

Why a Well-Designed Workspace May Help You Be Productive

Office Furniture

Business professionals, listen up. You may be missing out on a simple office hack that will transform your team's productivity. It's not a new tablet; it's not the hottest app or the trendiest wearable tech; it's simply—wait for it—your office environment.

Changing your office environment can invigorate your employees, lighten moods, increase productivity, and keep your team healthier. Don't believe us? Read on and you'll see why.

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