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3 Innovative Ideas For a Welcoming Office Space

Sitting in a waiting room is not high up on anyone's list of favourite things, but it is something we all do at one point or another. A waiting room or reception area doesn’t need to be boring and is welcome to creativity. To make your reception area as appealing as possible, you should take a couple of factors into consideration.

Avoid These Practises When Maintaining Your Multifunction Printer

Extending the life of your multifunction printer can be done with regular maintenance. As it is such a significant investment, you’ll want to make sure you are taking the proper precautions to protect your printer from damage. While taking care of your machine is simple, there are a few things you should avoid.

3 Ways Document Storage Will Help Your Office Go Green

Document storage is the process of scanning documents for indexing and quick retrieval. While it is intended to create a more organised office, the by-product of this system is a greener office, or an office that conserves energy and resources. Here are three ways you will find yourself printing less.

If You’re Doing These Things, Then You Need Document Management

When we are in the routine of a workflow, it can be hard to notice areas in need of improvement. For instance, we print documents every day, but if we stop to think about our printing habits what would we find? If you find yourself doing the following, then it might be time to consider document management and the transition to storing data on cloud software.

Here’s How to Keep Your Multifunction Printer Secure

It’s easy to forget about the inner workings of a multifunction printer when our interactions with the equipment are only when we pick up a document from the paper tray. Multifunction printers have hardware and require a security plan to keep your data safe. Take the time to follow these tips on securing your printers.

Maintaining Your Security

You don’t need to worry about protecting your information if you are proactive.

This is How You Make the Paper to Digital Transformation

If your business is still printing and sharing documents with paper, you may be falling behind. Document storage is the process of scanning and digitising information that can be found and shared quickly. If you are trying to make the transition from paper to digital you need to do it with document storage. Here’s how:

Why Document Management Is More Important Than Ever

With advancements in technology, the speed of business is faster than ever. Document management puts files at your fingertips all found with a quick search. A business that uses document management knows how much more rapidly it is to find and share information that has been digitised rather than searching through file cabinets for a piece of paper. It has become increasingly clear that digital workplaces are here to stay.

Work These Design Trends Into Your Office

How often do you think about how your office is set up? You should know that health and productivity go hand in hand and the latest trends in office design focus on both. Here are a few trends that you can easily work into your space.

Don’t Miss These Tips for Choosing A Multifunction Printer

Purchasing a multifunction printer is not a hasty decision. There is a lot that goes into deciding what will work best for your office. Some of your ‘must haves’ are already on your list while there might be some features you haven’t thought about. Reading about what features are available will help you to narrow your search.

Making the Right Choice

There are a lot of options to review when looking for a new multifunction printer. If you prepare in advance, you will know exactly what to look for.

3 Ways to Protect Your Data with Document Storage

While paper will always have a role in business, it is no longer the fastest and most secure way to process data. To remain efficient and competitive in today’s market you need to implement a document storage plan. Document storage is the process of digitising and archiving data with cloud-based software. Going digital is a process that can be done incrementally while always making security a top priority.

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