Are Digital Workflows Right for Small Business?

digital workflow

Current business trends are heavily reliant on digital workflows. Based on our dependence on computers it’s hard to imagine a time when everything was written out and done on paper. While this scenario seems far off in the past, many small businesses are still reliant on physical paper. Document storage is a tool to scan physical documents and archive them digitally. While this may seem unnecessary for small business, that’s just untrue and here’s why.

How to Strengthen Data Security with Document Management

data security

Document management is a system that scans and digitally store files. Positive results that stem from this system are streamlined workflows and an increase in productivity. The other beneficial feature of document management is its ability to keep your data secure. Here are three ways document management will strengthen your data security.

The Not-So-Secret Reasons Your Office Needs Standing Desks

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When we think about office furniture we tend to think about how it looks or how it feels. Have you ever considered how office furniture affects your health? Sitting for prolonged periods of time is not recommended and can lead to ineffective employees. Standing desks give employees the ability to rotate between sitting and standing with a moveable surface. Read on to learn how standing desks can improve the health of your office.

3 Reasons Multifunction Printers Have a Place In Our Digital World

multifunction printer

As digital processes take over both our professional and personal world, one might wonder if we need paper at all. Multifunction printers have been a staple tool in keeping offices running. Even though technological advances have changed the landscape of business, we still need multifunction printers. Here are three reasons why:

4 Ways You’ll Increase Productivity with Document Storage

document storage

Accessing needed files is routine in everyday office procedures. Streamlining these workflows makes for a more productive and efficient office. To obtain a well-structured workflow, your employees need an organised data system. Document storage is a system that scans and indexes key words for simple retrieval. Here are four ways document storage will increase productivity for your business:

A3 vs. A4 Printers | Which Do You Need?

Confused Woman in Office Not Sure Which Item to Choose

When shopping for a new multifunction printer all the choices can be overwhelming. The technical terms involved with the buying process can make it confusing. When you see A3 or A4 that refers to the paper sizes the printer is meant to handle. Continue reading to learn more about the differences between these printers.

How Tech Companies Can Use Document Management

Two Employees Working at a Tech Company

No matter what industry you work in, documents are the backbone of business processes. Anyone at the helm of a tech company has a constant influx of data and documents. Document management allows you to scan documents and archive them in an organised manner. Read on to learn how tech companies can use document management.

3 Ways to Spark Inspiration with the Help of Your Office Furniture

Person holding sparkler firework

Company culture reflects the values of a business and what they aspire to be. The best way to get an idea of company culture is to walk inside the office of the business. The office is a home away from home for many employees and can affect the way the work. To spark inspiration within your office try these three tricks.

Why You Should Stop Ignoring Your Outdated Printer

Man holding phone with green feet above it

If you are using a printer that no longer produces quality prints or works on outdated technology, it’s time to upgrade. A slow printer inhibits productivity and leads to an inefficient office. Instead of replacing your machine with a different model of the same printer, consider investing in a multifunction printer. Here are three reasons to stop ignoring your old printer:

The Art of Saving Time with Document Management

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Time is our greatest resource. With time we can come up with ideas, implement them, and finally, watch the fruition of these ideas. Therefore it can be said that with more time the more successful we will be. Document management is the process of filing away digitally scanned documents. In consideration of time spent in the office, document management can be the solution to finally capturing more productive moments. 

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