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How Important is Online Customer Service?

Document Management, Document Storage

Have you noticed a lack of return customers in your e-commerce business? The missing component may be your online customer service.

Customer service in a brick-and-mortar storefront can seem obvious and easy to accomplish; "Welcome" cheerily shouted at the entrance and "Can I help you find anything?" asked frequently. But in an online store, being available for your customers can be more work. For e-commerce, good customer service is vital to success, even more so than for a traditional storefront business.

How to Choose the Right Printer

Multifunctional Printer

Printer technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the past few years, making high-quality, high-tech models available at affordable prices. It wasn't that long ago that consumers had only a few options to choose from in the printer category; now the options can seem overwhelming.

Bring Nature into the Office for a Happier Workplace

Document Management, Office Plants

Do you recognize the word biophilia? If not, you probably recognize its definition: a natural human affinity for and love of nature. Even the most urban-bound of us find pleasure in the beauty and calm of green, living things, evidenced by our shared enjoyment of parks, forests, and gardens.

Four Questions to Ask Before Leasing a Copier

Before Leasing a Copier

Leasing office equipment is an excellent choice for many businesses. When you lease a machine, you're able to get exactly what you need for as long as you need it, and upgrade or discontinue service whenever it works for you. You're able to get the best quality, high-tech devices you rely on without fronting the initial purchasing cost.

Scanners Preserve History

History of Scanning

Have you considered the power of your office scanner? It may seem like a simple tool for copying business meeting minutes or sharing a important document, but it has a place in the preservation of history that may surprise you.

Four Ways to Go Green with Document Management

Go Green, Document Management

At this point, you'd have to be living under a rock to have avoided the phrase "go green." We know you haven't been living under a rock; in fact, your business probably has some green goals in mind.

Here Are the Benefits That Make Companies Choose Managed Print

Managed Print Services

What are companies looking for when they choose managed print services? There has been a recent boom in the managed services industry, particularly in managed print services. This fast-paced growth shows the value that businesses are seeing when they contract with a managed services provider.

Who is Using Wide Format Printing?

Wide Format Printing

More businesses than ever are turning to wide format printing to bolster their bottom line. Wide format is increasingly popular with many different industries, gaining ground for reasons ranging from time-saving to reduced expenses.

So who is using wide format printers? And how can you use a wide format printer to cash in on these benefits?

Document Management Improves Customer Service

Document Management, Customer Service

For companies facing fierce competition, customer service is one of the most important factors that helps them rise above others in their field. That's why providing your customer service representatives with fast access to the most updated and accurate information is essential to your success.

5 Ways Your Office Furniture Can Boost Morale and Productivity

Office Furniture

What is your biggest asset in your business? Is it time? Data? Capital? Office space? Although all of these are acceptable answers, the truly honest response is one more obvious and straightforward: any company's best asset is the people making up the business.

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