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Digitisation is the Competitive Edge Your SMB Needs

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Yes, business is clearly headed towards a digital environment, but that doesn’t mean the transition is smooth. When people are set in their ways, it can be difficult to convince them to change their habits. Digitizing your office processes will benefit your small business in many ways.

Why You Need Paperless Forms

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There is no doubt many business tasks are beginning to exist online primarily. While many offices embrace cloud software and take advantage of collaboration abilities, some jobs still fall to paper documents. Instead of continuing to print endless materials, consider the many ways paperless forms can improve efficiency, customer service, and productivity.

6 Ways to Create Quiet Spaces in the Office

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Open workspaces that encourage collaboration are on the rise in office environments today. While these layouts have many benefits, sometimes employees need time in their work day to concentrate in a quiet place. Here are six ways you can create spaces for concentration in your office.

Why Successful Companies Have a Multifunction Printer


Investing in a multifunction printer is not a quick decision. There are budgets to consider and as well as if the machine is needed. The need to buy a multifunction printer starts with thinking about what printing you need to do as well as considering extra features. Here are a few reasons successful companies use a multifunction printer.

5 Essential Steps of Document Storage

document storage

Printing and copying costs take up a majority of company budgets. Moving towards a digital storage system with document storage is a sure way to cut costs while introducing various benefits.

Not Thinking About Data Recovery? Here’s Why You Should

data recovery

The last thing a business wants to worry about is ‘what-ifs?’ They are useless and only cause unneeded stress. The best solution for relieving your team of worry about what might happen is to prepare in advance. Data recovery is the process of securing your files in the case of physical damage that would make them irretrievable.

4 Ways to Enhance Office Furniture Arrangement

office furniture arrangement

Arranging your office furniture can result in a calming and productive environment if done correctly. Whether you want to rearrange what you have or add new office furniture to the mix, placing items in certain spots will elevate your space.

Getting Smart About Buying a Multifunction Printer

smart idea

When it’s time to buy a new multifunction printer you need to sort through all the brands and models. Replacing your old device gives you a chance to examine what you did and did not like about it. Here’s how you can get smart about buying a new multifunction printer.

How to Prepare Your Documents for a Disaster

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The problem with disasters is that we don’t want to think about them happening to us and when they do, we are unprepared. Here’s how to make sure your business can handle whatever happens.

#4 Paper Problems and How to Solve Them

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In today’s world, we are still very much paper dependent. While we need to rely on physical documents from time to time, we can begin to transition to a digital workplace. Document management systems will scan files, index them, and store them on cloud software. Here are four paper problems you can fix with document management.

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