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Your Secret Customer Service Weapon

Document Management, Improving Customer Service

Good customer service is worth investing in. It's an investment that may seem to return only intangible benefits at first, but will pay very real, hard cash dividends over many years.

Recent research found that U.S. companies with poor customer service lose an astounding $41 billion every year. Are you one of these companies? If you're not sure, it may be time to start investing in document management.

The Document Management Customer Service Connection

Why document management? How can document management make your customer service better, and thus your business more profitable?

It's simple, really. Every good customer service representative knows that delays in service are rarely the fault of the employee. How many times are representatives forced to answer a customer inquiry with "Please hold" or "I'll have to call you back with that information"?

Every time you put a customer on hold, you risk losing business. If every phone call is going on hold, you are risking losing the entirety of your customer base. Think we're being dramatic? Consider that research shows customers will only wait an average of 13 minutes before giving up and turning to your competitor.

Document management is the solution to this problem, because our customer service representatives will no longer have to search through stacks of paper or unorganized, hard drives for information. Your client records will be easy to find with a lightening fast keyword search. Your billing records and account information will be easy to share securely with customers. Imagine having the entirety of your company's information vault at your fingertips, all the time, everywhere you work.

Document management makes customer service better, plain and simple. Ready to make the switch? We can help you get started today.