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Is Your Print Environment Working as Hard as You Are?

Multifunction Printer

Efficiency, multitasking, streamlining, collaborating. They're not just buzzwords to you: they're the way you do business. You're running a business, and you're not about to let ineffective practices creep into your operations.

But what about your print environment? Let's take a look around your office and find out if your printers, fax machines, scanners, and copiers are living up to your standards.

The Myth of the Printer Fleet

Do you see a printer on every desk? A scanner in the filing room? Is a copier taking up floor space in the corner office? Four underused fax machines throughout the building? How is this efficient, again?

It's not. The traditional office printer fleet is the dinosaur of a bygone era. You don't need standalone devices for every single desk in your office; in fact, you're wasting time and money on those devices. Think about it.

  • Every device needs ink
  • Every device needs paper
  • Every device needs power
  • Every device needs maintenance

See how these limited resources—not to mention your time—get spread thin when you have an oversized, underused printer fleet?

It's Time to Rethink Your Print Environment

Enter the multifunction printer. It thinks like you: how much can we get done using the least resources and producing the highest quality? It's the office workhorse, and it's ready to get to work.

In a typical office, nearly every machine can be replaced with one or two multifunction printers. You're left with a more efficient, better-optimized print environment that is worlds simpler for you and your staff to manage.

Get your office print environment up to speed so it can keep up with you. Learn more at our website.

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