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Why You Should Stop Ignoring Your Outdated Printer

If you are using a printer that no longer produces quality prints or works on outdated technology, it’s time to upgrade. A slow printer inhibits productivity and leads to an inefficient office. Instead of replacing your machine with a different model of the same printer, consider investing in a multifunction printer. Here are three reasons to stop ignoring your old printer:

Save Space and Time

Keeping all your needed functions separated by machine can take up a lot of space. You might have up to as many as four if you have a printer, scanner, copier, and fax. A multifunction printer gives you the opportunity to tighten up your office space. When you use a multifunction printer, you will notice the ability to move quickly between functions. Scan a document for digital storage and fax it to a client all without bouncing between machines. The benefits of a multifunction device quickly become apparent once you begin to use one.

Reduce Environmental Footprint

Another advantage of condensing your office with a multifunction printer is your ability to become more environmentally friendly. The noticeable reduction comes from running one machine instead of four. Where you might be surprised is your ability to reduce waste. You will only have to use one set of ink tanks or toner cartridges and paper from the same brand.

Cost Savings

A multifunction printer will you save you money in the long term. One machine condenses maintenance costs, and they are known to be more cost efficient.

An unreliable printer slows down productivity and can be frustrating. Upgrading to a multifunction printer will save you space, time, and energy. Take advantage of the features offered by a multifunction machine and watch employee output take off.

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