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Why You Need Paperless Forms

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There is no doubt many business tasks are beginning to exist online primarily. While many offices embrace cloud software and take advantage of collaboration abilities, some jobs still fall to paper documents. Instead of continuing to print endless materials, consider the many ways paperless forms can improve efficiency, customer service, and productivity.

Simplify Customer Tasks

When you need information from a customer, the number one blockade to that task is the requirement of having to print the form and then return it via email, snail mail, or in person. Web-based forms simplify the work for your customer and increase the rate of success for your business. Not only will you become more productive by receiving this information faster, but your customers will also likely return due to the ease of use.

Get That Signature

A major setback to many companies wanting to digitise processes is the need for a signature on their form. This is easily solvable with an electronic signature. Forms can allow users to authorise their signature by integrating electronic signature technology.

Increase Sustainability

Document management strives to reduce your printing costs, secure your data, and help you produce less waste. Paperless forms will increase the sustainability of your business by reducing the number of paper documents you create that are used for short-term projects. Online forms send all the information directly to you while securely storing sensitive data.

Think Outside the Box

When you think about processes in your office that can digitise are you limiting your scope? Yes, HR forms such as timecards and reviews are a great place to start, but there are many ways to take advantage of paperless forms. Try streamlining approval requests and even payment forms. You can also go as far to do all on-boarding paperless. A document management system can assist you in organising and protecting this data online.

If your ready to incorporate more paperless forms in your office with the help of document management, call us today!

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