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Why Successful Companies Have a Multifunction Printer


Investing in a multifunction printer is not a quick decision. There are budgets to consider and as well as if the machine is needed. The need to buy a multifunction printer starts with thinking about what printing you need to do as well as considering extra features. Here are a few reasons successful companies use a multifunction printer.

Cost Efficient

A major draw of purchasing a multifunction printer is cost savings and for a good reason. When devices such as copiers, printers, faxes, and scanners are bundled into one machine, there is less of a financial investment. For one, you lower your energy bill because all the devices are turned on or set to idle as one. Instead of having multiple machines running through numerous outlets, a multifunction copier is more sustainable. Secondly, your cost of consumables will go down. A multifunction printer requires the same brand of paper and ink, therefore, eliminating the price of multiple types and brands that need to be shipped from different suppliers.

Ease of Operation

When you introduce a multifunction printer into your office, employees will only need to learn one operating system. Many times different brands have completely different interfaces, and if your printer and copier are not the same, it can be difficult to bounce back and forth between the two. A multifunction printer also creates a more efficient workflow as you can print something from your printer, add edits then scan the new document and make copies. All functions are completed in one sitting.

While some might say that a stand-alone printer is more efficient than a multifunction device, it is clear the opposite is true. A multifunction printer will prove to be more cost-effective, and employees can operate these machines more efficiently. To incorporate a multifunction printer into your office, contact us today!

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