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Why Business at the Speed of Paper is a Big Mistake

Document Management

Paper is a wonderful thing. Paper—in its many historical forms like scrolls, books, and pamphlets—has allowed us to record history and start movements. Without paper, we wouldn't have lineage accounts, many books, and a significant portion of history.

But paper has its faults. As you have probably experienced, paper can be bulky, unwieldy, and prone to problems. Paper can be lost, damaged beyond repair, or completely burned up or swept away. It's frustrating to think of the history and knowledge humanity has certainly lost because of paper's vulnerabilities.

Are your office documents still on paper? Although paper has its place in the office, there are many areas where paper is past its prime.

Paper or Digital?

Paper is everywhere in the business world, but many businesses are slowly phasing their use of paper out—if not going entirely paperless. Why? Well, simply because paper doesn't cut it in the modern world when we have digital options so readily available.

Business at the speed of paper is no longer an option. Here's why:

  • Paper costs too much. Paper equates to storage space lost, high printing costs, high consumables costs, and a whole slew of office products like staples, highlights, paperclips, and more.
  • Paper is bad for the environment. Office workers throw away hundreds of tons of paper every single year. It's scary to think about how wasteful the regular use of paper is.
  • Paper is susceptible to error. Relying on paper leaves a lot of room for error, especially when files get lost so easily on desks.
  • Paper is not the way your customers communicate. More consumers than ever are choosing paperless bill pay, online shopping, and other digital options. It could be costly to fall behind your competitors on this one.

Are you ready to make the switch to digital documents? Contact Best Office Systems for more information about document management, your paperless office solution.