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What is Document Management?

Document Management

More and more offices are taking advantage of the latest in technology and keeping documents in electronic form. This process saves time, money, and storage space and is a great way to implement greener practices. But when electronic documents multiply, managing them can be a bit tricky. That's where document management comes in.

What is Document Management?

Oftentimes digital documents were once paper documents. In those cases, the documents have been scanned in as electronic documents. Document management can play a big part in how those documents are digitized, made readable, and archived. Document management creates and stores digital documents, stores them based on your criteria, and makes them easy to access.

What Does Document Management Do?

A document management service maintains your digital data by

  • Determining where to store it
  • Interpreting how it should be stored
  • Enabling accessibility based on keywords and file types
  • Improving workflow by setting rules for how documents are routed
  • Keeping documents secure
  • Recovering documents in the event of a disaster

How Does Document Management Work?

Best Office Systems can tell you about the specific document management service we offer, and how it will work for your business. But one of the basic things to know is this: using a multifunction device, you can scan and convert your document into a searchable document. It is converted right there and then, and you can even adjust the image quality and determine the destination. You keep control over your documents and storage.

Document management takes the work out of maintaining and archiving records, new and old. It's easy to use and offers many benefits to offices. To learn more about how Best Office Systems and document management can transform the way you do business, contact us today!