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What is Document Management?

Document Management

Your organization's most valuable asset is the information that you have accumulated over many years. That information is your best practices, processes, client and employee information, and your proprietary knowledge. Without this information, your company would lose its competitive edge at best, and cease to exist at worst.

Simply put, a document management system helps you organize, store, and locate this important information. With document management, you can protect your organization's invaluable information while taking advantage of the best technology has to offer.

Why Choose Document Management?

Document management can benefit your organization in a variety of ways, from streamlining processes to enhancing collaboration. Consider some of these benefits:

  • Check-in/check-out and access control functions, allowing simultaneous editing of documents without overriding each other's changes
  • Audit trail to show document changes
  • Easy commenting and annotation
  • Quick indexing and search functions, so documents are available whenever you need them

Document management can also handle pieces of information that don't fall into the traditional sense of "documents." With our ever-evolving communication technologies, document management has risen to the task to archive emails, images, voice files, and videos.

Secure Your Information

Without document management, your paper-based information is susceptible to loss or theft. Your information is your company's most valuable asset; protect it with document management.

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