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What’s So Great About a Multi-Function Printer?

Every office can benefit from an increase in efficiency whether it’s an improvement in communication or streamlining workflows. The best place to optimize is the hub spot of printers, copiers, and scanners. What if you could combine all those machines into one and save time and money? A multi-function printer (MFP) can create a method of organization within your office by combining your printer, copier, and scanner into one machine. Here are four reasons to consider an MFP

  1. Supplies all in one place: Instead of keeping track of how much paper and ink are used by each machine, you will only have one device to keep stocked.

  2. Save money on energy: The fewer machines plugged in, the more you save on energy. Plus it’s great for the environment.

  3. One machine, one connection: When purchasing new machines you should make sure that they can connect to all your other devices.

  4. Service: If a printer and a copier both stop working, you may have to call separate service professionals depending on where you purchased them. If you have an MFP, you won’t have to worry about calling different companies for help.

It is pretty easy to see why people use multi-function printers. The convenience of having all your machines in one place adds to the efficacy of an office. You won’t have to keep track of multiple machines and how much paper they have while saving time and money on energy and service. There are lots of MFPs on the market, [read more] to decide what you should look for in a machine when making your purchase.( When you’re ready to enhance productivity in your office with a multi-function printer, contact us!

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