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Upgrade Your Office With A New Reception Area

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The reception area has evolved over time and become a key focus of business design plans. While some shirk a well-appointed reception or lobby area as an unnecessary expenditure, there are strong arguments for making it a focus of your next investment. Here are three key reasons for investing in your reception area.

1. Your Reception Area Is Your First Impression

In some industries, a sales call may be considered the first impression that a client will have of your business, but the fact is that your client will inevitably need to come to your office for one reason or another. A reception area done well is like a good handshake or genuine smile, it can make or break the first interaction. Always make sure your reception area takes care of the needs of potential visitors and clients, and avoid the bare minimum approach. Use cost-appropriate office furniture and items that reflect your company.

2. Better Long Term Return

In most business design strategies your biggest bang for your buck is your high traffic areas. Your reception area may be your highest traffic area, and as such will necessitate a larger portion of your construction costs to do well. Make sure that your purchases reflect your brand, company aesthetic and, most of all, a commitment to quality and in office furniture that will last. Following these rules can help you create a reception experience that will endure with your business and give your clients a consistent experience.

3. Make Your Employees Feel At Home

Ok, maybe not home, per se, but in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere as they enter the office, you can help ease the transition into work. Many companies create internal branding campaigns with photos from company events, or art chosen by the staff to reflect a commitment to an external brand. These items and concepts can help you create an interaction that your employees won't dread coming to every day. In this day and age, any increases to employee loyalty are worth their weight in gold.

Not A Waste

The evidence is there that an investment in the reception space is a worthwhile use of company funds. Build the right first impression for your brand and your clients will thank you.

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