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Top 3 Reasons you Need an Open Office Floorplan

Office Furniture

It's hard to go a whole day and not hear of some new trend in design or technology. Office furniture may have been somewhat immune to that phenomenon until now that is. Open offices are becoming hugely popular among technology startups but are starting to infect other industries as well. Any business that can benefit to ease of collaboration and communication may want to consider making the change. Here are the top 3 things you should consider.

1. Maximise Communication.

If your business is seeing an increase in emails or the demand for instant answers from your clients, you could benefit from an open office furniture floor plan. With an open office, you dodge the stereotypical trudge up to the next floor, or across the floor to a corner office to get an answer. You simply stand up and walk a few desks down.

2. Open up the corporate hierarchy.

From the perspective of many employees having an office can be more about status than ease or privacy. In giving that status to an employee, however, you may be unintentionally causing a rift between that individual and their colleagues. Even if there is a formal supervisory relationship, an open office layout can break down that visual barrier and eliminate that division. You should see an increase in morale quickly.

3. Collaboration is the new synergy.

If you have WiFi, you can collaborate. You can work remotely and from home, or the beach, or wherever. This is becoming more and more common. If your business doesn't have a remote work policy, but the need for collaboration on customer projects and open office could solve your problems. Have a project that Bob and Tom need to work on? They can place their desks nearby each other until it's done. And, that's just one option.

With open offices taking off from technology to trucking, it might have a benefit for you. So make a call and see if it will work for you.

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