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You've purchased your product or installed your new software. But you don't fully understand how to use your new office tool, or maybe you just need some help integrating it into your workflow. Perhaps it needs maintenance, or you need help ordering supplies. Where do you turn to when this is the case?

After sales support is a concept near and dear to us here at Best Office Systems. It's our promise to you that our relationship doesn't end when your transaction is complete; in fact, it has just begun.

A Simple Concept

It's an idea that shouldn't be so novel, after all: we believe that whatever you purchase from us should be guaranteed,, and should provide you with satisfaction. Throughout the lifecycle of your product, we'll be there to provide regular support.

How it Works

Our after sales support is a simple service we provide to all Best Office Systems customers. You sign up for it the day you purchase any product from us, whether it's a printer, furniture, document management system, or other tools and supplies.

  • Technical support/help desk: From printer jams to software questions, we are here to help with your technical problems. Relieve your IT department by relying on the experts on each specific piece of equipment.
  • Employee training: No two technologies are exactly the same, so even tech-savvy employees need some help adopting new equipment. We will make sure that you know how to use and make the most of your new tools.
  • Quick turnaround: We know that downtime isn't an option for you, so our job is to keep you up and running and respond as efficiently as possible. You won't be left waiting for us so that you can get on with business.
  • Online support options: You can submit service requests online with us, as well as order supplies using our website. These tools are available to you 24/7.

Our relationship with you only begins when you purchase a product from us. To start a lasting partnership with Best Office Systems, contact us today.

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