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Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Document Management

Document Management

Most responsible business owners are doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint across all sectors of their operation. Recycling programs, lights set on timers, or low flow plumbing; whatever it is, here is another one, but one that can benefit your business as well as the planet, Document Management.

Document Management is a name for implementing a digital software bundle and workflow that removes those boxes of files from your business and stores them digitally in an online file cabinet with 24/7 access and no risk of lost paperwork. It allows your to find that purchase order with a couple of clicks instead of an hour of searching through piles or file cabinets. Best of all, it's green.

Cut your paper consumption drastically

If you don't have to print your documents to store or have on hand how much paper would you save? If you didn't consume that paper that creates savings in storage and sanitation costs too. Document management serves to allow you to store your files online where they don't consume any space in the physical world. This is the most substantial change regarding environmental impact.

Printing Rules

Implementing a company-wide standard for when documents need to be printed can help the point above by minimising paper consumption, but it also helps us rewire our thinking from the norm of print-first. As a society, we tend to print often and to excess. However, if you implement a standard that minimises that activity, you will be impacting the environment by hopefully starting the process of asking if the document needs to be printed before you print it. That could have a tremendous effect on the macro scale.

We can all do our part and Document Management is a critical IT piece for your business that can yield many different benefits for your company in addition to going green. Give us a call and let's talk about making the switch.

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