How to Print on Envelopes with Ricoh and Kyocera Printers

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In the past, envelopes have been a constant thorn in the side of copier industry professionals. With earlier devices, envelopes would jam or not feed properly. When they did feed correctly, they’d come out warped or wrinkled. Printing in the right orientation proved difficult as well.

Happily, advances in printer technology have made printing on envelopes much easier. At Best Office Systems, we offer a selection of printing systems from Ricoh and Kyocera that will give you the error-free prints you need efficiently and reliably.

Printing on Envelopes with Ricoh Devices

Many Ricoh models allow you to print or copy on envelopes by using a side bypass tray. These will work best if you only plan to print on envelopes now and again. For more frequent printing, however, you can attach a special feeding tray to one of your printer’s paper drawers. These trays enable you to print on approximately 30 standard business envelopes at a time.

Printing on Envelopes with Kyocera Devices

Several Kyocera printers are ideal for customers who plan to print on envelopes on a regular basis. Many models come with feeders designed specifically for envelope printing. Envelopes feed through the front, pass through the printer and land in a rear exit tray. This process enables you to print on envelopes without curling or wrinkling them. Also, Kyocera printers’ Energy Star technology ensures that you’ll be able to reduce your energy usage and operating costs.

For more information on printing on envelopes with one of Best Office’s devices, contact us.

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