The Not-So-Secret Reasons Your Office Needs Standing Desks

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When we think about office furniture we tend to think about how it looks or how it feels. Have you ever considered how office furniture affects your health? Sitting for prolonged periods of time is not recommended and can lead to ineffective employees. Standing desks give employees the ability to rotate between sitting and standing with a moveable surface. Read on to learn how standing desks can improve the health of your office.

Science Behind the Health

To understand why your health is affected by your office habits, we can look to science. Several parts of the body suffer from sitting for too long. The effects range from internal to external and from top to bottom.

  • Organ Damage: When you are sitting your blood flows at a slower rate, and your muscles don’t burn fat. This can lead to heart disease as well as higher cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

  • Limb Problems: Less blood circulation can cause swollen ankles and varicose veins. Sitting also detracts from your hips and lower body bones growing stronger.

  • Back Issues: People who move at their desk rather than sit for eight hours are less likely to an inflexible spine from discs that have been squished unevenly from long periods of being sedentary.

  • Brain Affects: Brain function improves with an increase in blood flow. Employees who can move between sitting and standing will improve their alertness.

Influence Your Office Culture

A big draw for new employees choosing where to work is office culture. If you can show employees that you care about their health, they will be more inclined to join your team. Standing desks are a flexible choice allowing individuals to decide how they would like to work. A team that is healthy and happy will make for a more productive office.

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