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Multifunction Printers and 4 Other Ways to Go Green

Multifunctional Printers, Go Green

It's no longer true that going green will cost your business money. In fact, many companies are finding that green business equates to saving money. How can you enjoy the benefits of reduced environmental impact and lower costs? Here are a few tried-and-true tips.

  1. Consolidate equipment with multifunctional devices. Too many offices rely on the outdated printer fleet model, which relies on stand-alone devices that perform only one or two functions. These machines drain your power and waste valuable resources. A multifunctional printer can do the work of your printers, fax machines, copiers, and scanners, all in one energy efficient device. Without the cost of maintaining and running multiple machines, you'll reduce your printing costs considerably.
  2. Replace office equipment with energy efficient models. Are you aware that many older machines are not energy efficient? When updating your equipment, be sure to choose Energy Star rated devices that conserve energy. These devices can save you money in electricity every year.
  3. Think before you print. Paper is wasted every day printing unnecessary documents. Newer model multifunction printers include scan-to-email or save features that allow you to share documents easily without ever hitting print.
  4. Adjust print setting. An easy way to reduce printing is to take a look at your default print settings. You can set your printers to the draft mode to use less ink, as well as choose double-sided printing.
  5. Return print consumables for recycling. It's easier than ever to recycle cartridges and unused office equipment.

For more ways to save money and go green, contact Best Office Systems today.

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