Modernise your Office Furniture and Increase Employee Morale

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 10/27/2016 - 08:10
Open and bright office full of men and women standing up and putting their hands in the air all smiling

When HR managers think about how to increase morale or improve retention very rarely is office furniture one of the first thoughts that pops into their mind. However, as the work environments change with technology and new generations enter the workforce being flexible from a furniture standpoint can net huge benefits regarding employee morale and production. Here are a few changes to consider the next time you are faced with this question.

Not your grandfather's desk

Modern business and employees are changing the way work is done, and one of the biggest adjustments is the desk. Cubicles are not as common as they were ten to twenty years ago, and they destroy the largest change in today's workforce: collaboration. Desks are a breeding ground for collaboration, discussions, idea sharing and your company should facilitate that. If you enable your employees to adopt the more common group success-focused mentality, you will see large productivity gains.

It's the lighting

WE have all seen the typical off-white walls in a cubicle filled office complex without a touch of natural, or even non-fluorescent, light in the place. Studies have shown that access to natural light or even more warm tones and varying lighting levels can increase productivity by boosting your employee's mood and giving them the authority to light their space how they see fit.

The chair makes the idea

How many times has that new game-changing idea struck you when you were sitting in your office, in your chair? Your office chair is the creation point for most of the central business decisions that you will make, or ideas you generate. With that considered, you should ensure your employees are outfitted with proper seating to enable these breakthroughs without back pain, numbness, or anything else that a wrong chair can cause. In today's sedentary world don't skimp, invest in quality furniture.

Office furniture will set the tone for your employee's excitement and productivity. With that in mind make sure you are considering the various needs and options for your employees. Give us a call and we can let you know what pieces have shown promise in increasing morale. 

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