Here’s How Managed Print Can Reduce Business Expenses

Submitted by Tech Support on Mon, 05/16/2022 - 11:34
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Office budgets can skyrocket if you don’t keep a close eye on where this spending is going and how to get it back under control. That’s why companies are always looking for ways to cut costs by reducing unnecessary spending and maximising office efficiency. And one of the best ways to reduce business expenses is by letting a “managed print solution” handle your printing needs. 

Here’s how managed print solutions can help you save money and grow your business.

MPS Manages Your Printer Fleet

Many businesses will run into problems when deciding on the perfect amount of printers for their office workflow. Either they have too few printers, holding them back from being able to scale their business. Or they have too many printers, leading to excess resources which could be better spent on other business needs.

Managed print can analyse your business and determine the perfect amount of printers to maximise your efficiency. When you save money by eliminating unnecessary maintenance costs and leases, you’ll be surprised by just how much this step will help reduce business costs.

You Get the Right Devices

Sometimes, it can be challenging to decide which printers are best for your business. Take one look through Google, and you’ll see that there are hundreds of different printing machines for a wide range of use cases. How do you know which machine is best designed for your needs? Even after hours of research, you may still discover that the printers you chose aren’t able to keep up with demands or aren’t delivering the print quality you need. 

Managed print can recommend some cost-effective alternatives that will perfectly meet your print needs for volume, toner yields, etc. It’s best to invest in the right printers upfront. Otherwise, trying to save money with machines that deliver lower print counts or toner yields will lead to far more spending down the road trying to repair these machines.

MPS Reduces Employee Downtime

Employees spend a lot of time trying to manage printers—like replacing ink cartridges, fixing paper jams, tinkering with settings, and tending to a host of other complex problems that can arise at any given moment. You can reduce this employee downtime by choosing managed print solutions. 

Managed print can monitor and fix printers when needed, send timely ink refills, and ensure that your office is functioning at maximum efficiency. Your employees will be able to focus on the work you hired them for without having their time tied up trying to solve printing problems.

Opt for Digital Print Solutions

Paper costs can add up fast. Why not switch to a digital solution? Many business processes can easily be managed through digital workflows. Managed print can help you find the areas that will help you save money by opting for a paperless replacement.

Digital workflows will also help speed up the filing process as employees no longer have to waste time filing away paper documents or searching through large paper stacks to recall a single document.

Use Cost-Saving Software

Along with going digital, you can use managed print solutions to learn about the many software options that will help you further save on business expenses. They can even train your team on the best practices to get the most out of this software.

Receive Analytics for Further Optimisation

Managed print will send you reports and analytics featuring charts, statistics, and data about your overall print spend, monthly comparisons, trends, and more to show just how much money you’ve saved on these print solutions. You can use these charts to continue optimising your workflow and chip away at printing costs. 


Printing costs can eat away at your business’ budget, but you can reduce these costs with managed print. Why waste money when those resources can be put to much better use elsewhere? You can work toward your business goals with greater efficiency and lower costs when you maximise efficiency.

If you’re looking for managed print solutions, our experts can show you how we can take your business to the next level!

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