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Make Your Office Space Work For You

As your business grows, it is not always the case that your office space grows with you. If you are starting to feel cramped, don’t automatically jump to the conclusion that you need a bigger room. There are solutions to creating an inviting and engaging space with some small tweaks to what you already have.

Open Space Plan

If you want to create more space in your office, then consider an open space plan. Office furniture in an open space plan is more flexible, allowing you to move it around until you get the right fit. Using fixed partitions takes space and walls of employees.

Wireless Tech

The more wireless technology you have, the more area, you will free up. Operating business over the internet and cloud software means you can put machines wherever works best for you. Also if you have separate copiers, printers, and fax machines, consider a multi-function printer. Free up space by condensing all your machines into one.

Collaboration is Essential

In addition to an open space plan, a common meeting area will encourage collaboration. Create a central work area near your multi-function printer to gather employees in one spot. Your office furniture can even double as personal desks that can be moved to create the shared space. A little creativity goes a long way!

Flexibility and Freedom

When you are making the most of your office space and furniture you have to ask yourself some specific questions. First, is it your culture? And second, do you need it? Keeping these thoughts in mind will help you fit more into less space. If you are looking to create and new space and are in need of office furniture, we can help!

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