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Maintaining your Office Workhorse

Multifunction Printer

Your multifunction provider is one of those devices that may carry the entire business on it's back at times. A quality multifunction printer can last your company years and save you money every day. However, often printer upkeep gets ignored during the hustle of everyday business. Here are three ways you can make sure your office's workhorse is always up when you need it to be.

Replace your cartridges on time

Too often people ignore the warnings their printer gives regarding cartridges. When your printer warns you of a low cartridge, it is telling you that the cartridge, while it may have some life left, is not full enough to adequately print with and your quality and efficiency may suffer. It isn't a grand conspiracy of printers to get you to waste toner; we assure you. Changing cartridges when warned to will ensure a consistent level of printing for your office.

Yes, your ink and toner can expire

Keep an eye on your cartridges and ensure you are using them before the expiration date. Using an expired printer cartridge in a commercial-grade multifunction printer can downgrade your quality of print and efficiency to a box-store printer. You didn't spend the thousands of dollars on your multifunction printer to destroy its quality yourself. This is a very common cause of printer degradation over time.

Have your printer supplier perform regular maintenance

I imagine you would be surprised to know that a commercial-grade multifunction printer or copier can have more moving parts than most vehicles. Some have moving components numbering in the tens of thousands. All of those components are impacted every time you print a document. Having a regular service schedule as a part of your service agreement with your printer supplier is the best way to ensure your multifunction printer remains in top shape at all times.

Give us a call if your printer needs to be serviced and we will be out and we can inform you of the best ways to keep your multifunction printer in top shape at all times.

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