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This is How You Make the Paper to Digital Transformation

If your business is still printing and sharing documents with paper, you may be falling behind. Document storage is the process of scanning and digitising information that can be found and shared quickly. If you are trying to make the transition from paper to digital you need to do it with document storage. Here’s how:

Identify Where Paper is Used

To successfully transition your office to a digital workspace you need to recognise where people continuously use paper. Often they are not even aware of their printing habits. You will probably observe that people like to annotate and then discard paper, that large documents are printed every time they make a change, or that people just like to share information on paper instead of digitally. Once you can narrow down paper habits, you can integrate digital alternatives.

Small Changes

Depending on your organisation and industry you will have different opportunities to focus on transition to digital. When you notice people passing a document around each time small changes are made, discuss the ability to edit and collaborate over the cloud. They may be hesitant and need a little encouragement. You might also implement new policies such as electronic signature tools instead of printing and collecting wet ink signatures. The digital completion of more processes will result in the move away from paper.

Enlist the Help of People

Set clear and distinct goals with your employees about your paper to digital transformation. Discuss what good printing habits are and what processes should be done strictly in the cloud. Help people to see how document storage will improve their productivity and enhance collaboration.

Paper will always have a place in the office, but it shouldn’t be slowing down your business. To learn more about document storage, contact us today.

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