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How to Use Document Management Like a Pro

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Document management is a system that transforms your paper dependent files into a quickly searchable archived database. As more companies progress with the digital age, staying on track with innovations is vital for business. Here’s how to use document management like a pro.

Explain the Benefits to Your Team

Document management only works if everyone in your office is on board. They may be used to printing out a form to have a co-worker sign which is then scanned and sent in an email. With document management, they should be sharing the file over the cloud and having their peers fill it out electronically. Comprehensive training on the benefits of document management will help employees see all the positives in a new system and the productivity it will generate.

Utilize Security Features

Most companies hesitation in regards to document management is that it leaves their data vulnerable. This is just not true. Document management stores files in a cloud where they are stored off site making them accessible even in the case of fire or a natural disaster. Documents are also able to have limited access based on account authorization. Finally, an electronic storage system for files means you can monitor when someone views a file and when they opened it.

Encourage Collaboration

To use document management like a pro your office should embrace collaboration. Electronic file storage systems open up possibilities such as working remotely and across multiple locations. No longer do you need to wait for an email with an updated file, you can access it on the cloud and work on the document simultaneously. While the primary task of document management is to transition your office from paper to digital, the byproducts are equally as beneficial.

As you can see, getting the most out of document management is about more than just scanning your paper files to organize them digitally. Get everyone in your office on board with this collaborative and secure system. To learn more about how to use document management in your office, call us today!

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