How to Strengthen Data Security with Document Management

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data security

Document management is a system that scans and digitally store files. Positive results that stem from this system are streamlined workflows and an increase in productivity. The other beneficial feature of document management is its ability to keep your data secure. Here are three ways document management will strengthen your data security.

1. Data Back Up

Relying on one location to store your data is leaving it vulnerable. Lost documents are common, but when you store them digitally, you can find them quickly. Storing a file on a third party server also protects it from a multitude of unforeseen problems. Natural disasters such as hurricanes or fires can put businesses out for an extended amount of time. Having your data stored on an off-site server will allow you to get back up and running in a short amount of time.

2. Secure Storage

The issues that arise when documents are stored physically in an office on site stem from the fact that anyone has access to them. While you may be able to lock your file cabinets, documents are left on desks all the time and are easily compromised. When stored with document management, data can either be public or categorized private. If it’s private, then it requires account authorization and can be accessed with a passcode.

3. Automatic Updates

Sometimes when we are working on a file, we forget to save as we go. Therefore it’s possible to lose valuable data, and you risk having to ask customers for personal information repeatedly which can lessen their trust. When working with an online server through document management, your server will automatically save progress as you go. This is an important in the chance of a power outage or system shutdown as well.

Document management has the power to transform the way your business handles data. While it will benefit your organizing structure and productivity, it also will greatly increase your data security. To learn more about implementing document management in your office, call us today.

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