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How to Secure Your Digital Documents

The move from primarily paper document storage to digital is imminent. The beneficial reasons of this step are numerous. Employees can search and find documents quicker, and collaboration is a cinch. Nothing is perfect, though, and digital materials need some reinforcing of their own. Businesses never had to worry about paper documents being up for grabs when they could be locked away in a file cabinet. Storing documents digitally make them more susceptible to cyber criminality. With the right precautions, you can assure yourself that your document storage system is locked up tight.

1. Set a password. A simple yet it is easy to overlook. Not setting a password is the quickest way for unwanted eyes to get access to your documents. 2. Limited access. Document storage systems can let you decide which employees can see what documents. Keep private personal information tucked away from the public. 3. Protect your hard drive. Do not forget to create a plan for the data that kept on your hard drive. When you are getting rid of a machine have a service professional remove the hard drive from the machine so that you can protect or destroy the data. 4. Encryption. Whether your data is on a hard drive or the cloud, it should be encrypted. This will ensure that only you can access your sensitive information.

As with anything, there will always be good and bad. Businesses must keep up with the progress of technology because criminals will continue to come up with ways to access information not intended for them. By preparing your document storage, you can be confident that you have taken all available measures to protect your business. If you are looking for document storage solutions, contact us today!

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