How to Protect the Data on Your Multifunction Printer

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Your multifunction printer should be thought of as a computer. It houses data as it is sent and received through the printer, copier, or scanner. Here is how to protect that data.

Security Measures to Follow


When information is sent or received by your multifunction printer it runs the risk of being intercepted by hackers. A device with encryption software will scramble the data so that it is unreadable.

User Authentication

If your multifunction printer doesn’t require a passcode before the document is released anyone can pass by and read a file sitting on the tray. User authentication restricts who can release print jobs.

Password Protection

When you scan a document, make it a protocol to add password protection to confidential files.

Print Monitoring

You can create an audit trail from your multifunction printer to gain insight into users and when and what they print. If you are complying with industry regulations, this is a necessary system to have in place.

Cloud Automation

When scanning documents to the cloud, security measures need to be in place. Create an automated workflow for approved applications only.

Data Clearing

If you don’t need to archive data, look at setting up a data clearing algorithm. Information is more secure if it’s not sitting on a device that can be hacked.

When It’s Time for a New Multifunction Printer

Many of these features are not present on older multifunction printers. While the definition of old can be subjective, here the term means it is no longer has the software to keep your data secure. Older devices also use up more energy than the output you’re getting, and if a printer is performing slowly, then it’s time to invest in a new one. Also, as these devices approach six to eight years of age, their replacement parts become more difficult to find.

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