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How to Prepare Your Documents for a Disaster

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The problem with disasters is that we don’t want to think about them happening to us and when they do, we are unprepared. Here’s how to make sure your business can handle whatever happens.

What is a Disaster?

The first example that comes to mind when discussing disasters is the natural kind. Tornadoes, hurricanes, natural fires, and floods all pose a severe threat depending on where you live. Then there are disasters such as building fires, widespread illness, and terrorism. These events also pose serious risks to the prosperity of your business. To prepare for either category of disaster you need to consider what documents are most critical to running your business and which sensitive files need to be secured.

Documents to Secure

Files that are essential to the continuation of your business are those that will affect downtime, have legal liability, or are an irreplaceable asset. Some documents that meet these requirements are invoices, customer data, research reports, and contracts. Make it a priority to analyse your files and decide which are necessary for the protection of your business in case of disaster.

Consequences of Lost Information

If a disaster were to take place and you did not prepare your company’s data you would face serious challenges. First off, revenue would be delayed or lost entirely. Without a way to bill vendors or clients or accept payments, you can not make a profit. You may also experience fines depending on your industry and the compliances guidelines you would be unable to meet. Lastly, it will cost you to recreate documents and build up the information storage you had previously.

Utilising Document Storage

The best way to prepare for a disaster is to protect your data. Document storage is a system that scans physical files and organises them on cloud software. Storing your data digitally means you can access it from any location protecting you from a disaster that destroys or limits your ability to reach files at your office.

If you want to prepare for a disaster and protect your data with document storage, call us today.

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