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How Accounting Firms Use Document Management

Document Management

The typical accountant is constantly looking for new ways to cut costs and boost ROI. That was exactly the motivation behind early adopters of document management, an electronic solution for handling, organizing, and maintaining documents.

Many accounting firms chose to hold off and see how the document management craze turned out before implementing a new solution. Although their cautious is admirable, it may be time to adopt document management and move with the industry into the electronic document realm.

Why Migrate to Digital Documents?

The migration from paper to digital is often a deterrent to firms; imagining the headache of scanning, cataloguing, saving, and re-training can be overwhelming. But digital documents are far more secure, searchable, and usable than paper documents. They're also far simpler to produce for regulatory compliance. Here are a few ways accounting firms are using document management.

  • Reduced paper, ink, and copying costs. Document management means you're printing less. Although the paperless office may not fully exist yet, it's the direction the industry is headed. Get a jump on it and stop using paper as your primary form of business.
  • Gaining back office space. How much of your office is dedicated to files and filing cabinets? You can gain back the file room and desk space quickly with document management.
  • Fast document retrieval. The average office worker spends a significant portion of the day just searching for documents. Eliminate this time waste with document management; your documents will be available with a few keystrokes.
  • Improve client relationships and customer service. When your documents are easy to retrieve, your clients will be happy and impressed. Questions can be answered faster, and documents can be shared in a professional way.
  • Easy collaboration. With advanced collaboration tools, your team will be able to work jointly on documents without the headache of overlapping changes or emailing back and forth.

Ready to see what all the fuss is about? Contact Best Office Systems today for more information about document management.

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