Here Are the Benefits That Make Companies Choose Managed Print

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What are companies looking for when they choose managed print services? There has been a recent boom in the managed services industry, particularly in managed print services. This fast-paced growth shows the value that businesses are seeing when they contract with a managed services provider.

Choosing Managed Print Services

Choosing the right managed print provider for your business can be a chore, especially with the wide variety of options available. Information Week asked businesses who had recently chosen managed print services to rank the driving factors and benefits that prompted their change. Here they are in order of importance.

1. Overall Print Costs Reduction

Ranked the highest overall, price reduction is the most important factor for 70% of all survey respondents. This isn't a surprising result, given that print costs can eat up 3-5% of a company's annual revenue. Businesses who choose managed print can expect a cost reduction of around 30%.

2. Service Costs Reduction

Whether companies have an IT department or contract with consultants, there was a consensus that equipment servicing is expensive. Preventative maintenance and repair cost employee time and consultants are expensive. Managed print customers see this cost reduced dramatically as routine maintenance and fast repairs are covered in their monthly managed services billing.

3. Less Equipment Downtime

Unnecessary downtime costs businesses an extraordinary amount of money in lost productivity and employee hours. That's why reducing equipment downtime came in high on the list of managed print must-haves. Companies with managed print services find that the regular maintenance, updates, and repairs keep their equipment running at peak efficiency, minimizing downtime.

4. Better Security

It's a startling reality that every day new threats to business information pop up. Managed services providers are well-versed in the IT world, and will be constantly vigilant to any danger your system is facing.

5. High Quality, Always Available Onsite Service

Research shows that somewhere around 30% of all tech support calls are print-related. This is a drain on your IT department when they could be focusing on strategic initiatives. Managed print offers a fast turnaround on help desk requests, keeping you up and running without taxing your IT staff.

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