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Here’s How to Keep Your Multifunction Printer Secure

It’s easy to forget about the inner workings of a multifunction printer when our interactions with the equipment are only when we pick up a document from the paper tray. Multifunction printers have hardware and require a security plan to keep your data safe. Take the time to follow these tips on securing your printers.

Maintaining Your Security

You don’t need to worry about protecting your information if you are proactive.


The easiest way to immediately protect your data is to install passcode or user authorisation requirements. If you want to protect documents from wandering eyes or accidental removal from the printer, then you should take this step. It’s not an over burdening process to enter a pin and people will feel more secure about printing.

Hardrive Disposal

Did you know that there is a hard drive in your multifunction printer that stores data? The hard drive is an essential part of your equipment, but it should not be forgetting when disposing or returning a leased printer. Take the proper steps to wipe the hard drive or ask to keep it after the printer is gone.

Network Security

Your multifunction printer is connected to your network and therefore is at the same risk of data theft. Collaborate with your IT team to make sure that they include your printers in their daily diagnostics. Keeping tabs on your network security will ensure that you are prepared to combat any compromising activity.

Once you’ve worked with a multifunction printer, you know why they’re so great. Don’t let preventable mishaps cause downtime in the office, secure your printer today!

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