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Handling Paper with Document Storage

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Everyone has that stack of documents that started with one or two pages and eventually grew out of control. Working around a massive pile of papers can be overwhelming and limit productivity. Digitising your office with document storage is a simple step towards gaining control of your office organisation.

Paper Based Filing Problems

Time Consumption: Searching for a paper document that was not put back in the right place is the stuff of nightmares. There is always a file you can’t find when you need it most. A paper-based system doesn’t allow you to enter a title and retrieve the required information.

Data Security: There is no way of know if someone has looked at a piece of paper. It may be by accident or intentional, but either way, confidentiality has been compromised. Paper also runs the risk of being lost.

Storage Space: Large amounts of paperwork require multiple filing cabinets that take up room in an office that could be allocated to more business-critical needs.

Reasons to Go Digital

Improve Efficiency: With a document storage system, your files are accessible through a quick search. You’re also able to share and collaborate on files.

Cut Paper Storage Costs: Not only is it easier to find documents on cloud software but it saves your storage costs associated with archiving paper.

Increase Document Security: Depending on your industry there are probably security measures you are required to take to keep client confidentiality secure. Document storage has many applications to block unauthorised users from accessing files such as requiring a passcode.

Paper-based filing has a whole stack of problems that can be solved with document storage. You can count on increased efficiency and security all the while cutting costs. To learn more about implementing document storage in your office, call us today!

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