A Guide to Choosing the Right Multifunctional Printer

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Purchasing a multifunctional printer (MFP) is a first step toward boosting the productivity of your printing processes. It's a good choice for businesses of all sizes, from small/home offices to multi-department companies. But finding the right MFP can be a challenge, especially considering the variety of models and the sheer number available today.

There is an MFP to meet every need, match every budget, and perform every job. Use this simple guide to finding the right device for you.

What Kind of MFP Do You Need?

There are as many different kinds of multifunctional printers as there are businesses, and there is absolutely a model out there for you. The most useful way to decide which MFP is the best for your needs is to categorize them by intended use. Will you be using this machine in your home, office or both?

Home MFPs

If you are using your MFP at home, inkjet may be a good choice. Home printing often involves photos and color projects, and inkjet printers deliver stunning results on these jobs.

Office MFPs

Office-ready MFPs are workhorses, able to print fast, clear results at high volumes. A laser printer is probably best for a large office since laser is known for high-quality text printing. You'll probably also want an automatic document feeder for a larger office that cuts down on time spent in front of a printer.

Combination MFPs

A multifunctional printer that fits comfortably into your home and office life is an especially good choice if you work out of your house. You'll probably want an inkjet for good quality photo and color printing, but included automatic document feeding and fax capabilities.

What Functions Are Important to You?

All MFPs print, scan, and copy, and most also fax. But beyond these general capabilities, what will you use your MFP for? Consider some of the following questions:

  • Do you need PC fax capabilities? Most MFPs include a standalone fax option, but faxing documents directly from your computer can save you time and money.
  • What kind of scanning do you need? Many MFPs have a flatbed for scanning. Will you need an automatic document feeder? What size will you be scanning; letter-size or legal?
  • What e-copy and email functions will you use? Many new MFPs can email scans directly to your Internet service provider, in-house email server, or document management system.

Other Considerations

Always ask an expert about your machine's total cost of ownership (TOC). Your MFP should have a low TOC to boost your overall return on investment over time.

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