Getting Started with an In-House Wide Format Printer

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Instead of paying tons of money for outsourcing wide format printing, you should obtain a high-quality, in-house wide format printer. With these types of wide-format printers, you will save time and money, allowing for a more efficient workflow in your business. 

Benefits of a Wide Format Printer

The following includes more details concerning the benefits of having an wide format printer: 

  • Save time by printing in-house instead of going through the outsourcing process 
  • Eliminate errors with colour plans and drawings 
  • Impress current and potential customers with full-colour posters
  • Easily archive and capture marked-up drawings 

Finding the Best Wide Format Printer

Now, that you know all the positive domino effects that come with this sort of wide format printer, the next step is getting started with it: The following includes ways to do that: 

1. Choose According to Your Business Needs

Before jumping into buying a wide format printer, you must take five factors into consideration. These five factors basically include questions and answers to the what, when, where, how, and why. In other words, why does your business need a printer? Does your business need speed? What should you think before you use ink? Where is your space, and what are the space and usability requirements? How should you plan for expansion? 

2. The Right Fit Matters For Better Business 

It is crucial to take all these considerations seriously before taking action. Doing this will help you to make wise decisions which will lead to having the best wide format printer and thus having a better business. This sentiment is true if your company keeps your printing tasks in-house, which leads to better control and savings. This sentiment is also true if your business is a print company that is looking to expand its service range. 

3. Work With Proven Experts of Wide Format Printers  

Of course, companies all around will claim to have the best product and services, which is not the truth many times. Therefore, it is imperative to perform your due diligence when choosing what wide format printer to buy. 

When working with a reputable company to assist you with such office needs, this company will ensure that you'll have top-notch customer support as well. This caliber of a company will also have quick, friendly, and professional responsive support, partnerships with top-notch technology partners, and amazing testimonials. This type of company will also have recognition from reputable agencies. 


Having a high-quality wide format printer is the way to go. For more information about finding the right wide format printer for your business needs, contact Best Office Systems today! 

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