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Getting Smart About Buying a Multifunction Printer

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When it’s time to buy a new multifunction printer you need to sort through all the brands and models. Replacing your old device gives you a chance to examine what you did and did not like about it. Here’s how you can get smart about buying a new multifunction printer.

The Basics

The place to start when purchasing a multifunction printer is with the bare bones. What kind of printing will you be doing? If you want to produce a mass amount of quantities at high speed then you are looking at a different printer then one that makes beautiful colour images. Start by deciding on a laser or inkjet multifunction printer. Laser printers will handle large print jobs while inkjet is better for more detailed, smaller quantities. Next look at the type of paper the printer will be able to handle. Some devices only work with regular legal sized paper. That means if you want to feed it thicker card stock it’s not going to work. These are just a few of the basics requirements you should be considering.

The Extras

The next step in buying a multifunction printer is deciding which extras you want to be included. Extras are features that not all printers have and can add to your printing experience. The first element to look for is connectivity. A smaller office can handle connecting devices through a USB cord, but a large company is going to need wireless or Ethernet connectivity. Next, if you are working on large projects, you want to make sure the machine has an automatic document feeder. This feature also helps with checks and envelopes. Lastly, duplex printing is a sustainable feature that saves on consumables and energy. If you are working to decrease your impact on the environment, then duplex printing is a must.

Some features you need to have on a multifunction printer while others enhance the device. Separating the two will help you narrow down your choices. To learn more about purchasing a multifunction printer, call us today.

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