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Document Storage - The New Filing Cabinet

Document Storage

How many filing cabinets does your business use? Probably at least two to three, and often at least one drawer is not used to store documents at all. To add expense to inefficiency most filing cabinets can cost upwards of $200 with more features than a storage box ever needs. Document storage takes it all away. There is a cost, but the increases in efficiency and floor space will more than makeup for it.

A concern for businesses in the digital age isn't just that they have documents for various transactions, but are they accessible and secure. Sure, your filing cabinet is accessible, when it opens without hitting that desk, and whoops I need to move my chair to get to it for my annual document retrieval mission. Security is another question entirely. Yes, it does lock. Unless you have a crowbar, hammer, or stubborn ruler. Filing cabinets, unfortunately, don't rank up there with bank vaults regarding impenetrability. Document storage solutions as a part of a broader document management program can solve both of these potential issues.

With a document storage solution, your documents are stored in the cloud, most often duplicated across several servers, in different areas of the world. This duplication is called redundancy. Power outage causes a server to go down in California? That's ok, the one in Spain is still fine. Also, it is surprising how much harder it is to crack modern encryption algorithms than a filing cabinet lock. Who knew, right? That technology astounds us every day.

Accessibility is better too None of that pesky moving necessary. No furniture to navigate, either. A few clicks here and there and your document is to you in seconds. As is it's entire life history. Who created it, who accessed it, who changed it, everything! All immediately and without any physical overhead stuck drawer slides or annoying noise. Your office is more habitable thinking about it.

Learn more about the other benefits of document storage and management {here}( Have questions, ask. We won't even try to sell you anything.

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