Is Document Management Right for You?

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When we are in the routine of a workflow, it can be hard to notice areas in need of improvement. For instance, we print documents every day, but if we stop to think about our printing habits what would we find? If you find yourself doing the following, then it might be time to consider document management and the transition to storing data on cloud software.


If you’ve ever checked your supply closet and asked yourself why you have three of the same print cartridges, then you need document management. When your business starts to transition to a digitised work environment, you will spend less on paper and ink as you decrease printing.


A common problem for companies trying to stay organised is an overflow of paper documents. These files may contain sensitive data and can be left lying around due to lack of storage space. Document management can help solve this problem. Instead of printing documents just to retain a physical copy, keep them stored on a server with cloud software. Document management will assist in creating printing policies that keep the unnecessary paper from piling up.


How secure is a physical document? Only as secure as the paper it's printed on, which is susceptible to loss, theft, and damage. Paper lying around means your data is at risk of accidental or purposeful neglect. The best way to ensure that your information is secure is to keep it on a server that is backed up every day. When a physical document is lost or damaged, there is rarely a backup available to replace it. Employees can waste hours just trying to recreate information that was lost on a physical document or in an insecure digital system.

Electronic document management secures your files with regular backups.

Sharing and Accessibility

How simple is document sharing in your company? You may be relying on old-fashioned "in" and "out" boxes for physical documents on desks, which are notoriously unreliable and unorganized. Or maybe you're using digital solutions that aren't meeting your needs, like collaboration tools that leave you with conflicting edits and sharing tools that aren't secure. Digital document management makes it easy to work together on a document.


Employees who reprint a document every time after a small change are not working efficiently. Digitising your documents allows employees to collaborate on the cloud and directly make changes. With document management productivity can increase ten-fold.

There is no way to cut out paper from today's world completely, but you can work to decrease your dependence on it. Document management will improve multiple aspects of your workday by shrinking the space needed for storage while making your data more secure.

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