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Is Document Management Right for You?

Document Management

Do you know where your documents are? In a general way, the answer may be "yes:" in the storage room, in the filing cabinets, in the hallway. But physical document storage is quickly going the way of the dinosaur. Between the cost-savings and the convenience, there are more reasons than ever to go digital with document management.

Is document management right for your company? Consider these factors.

Physical Space

How spacious is your office? The thing about physical documents is that they take up physical space, and managing them takes an extensive amount of time. Even if your office is meticulous about destroying old archives after a set amount of time, you'll still have to store every file and piece of paper in an organized manner. The physical space and infrastructure required to handle paper documents can be unnecessary and wasteful for most companies.

Security and Backups

How secure is a physical document? Only as secure as the paper it's printed on, which is susceptible to loss, theft, and damage. When a physical document is lost or damaged, there is rarely a backup available to replace it. Employees can waste hours just trying to recreate information that was lost on a physical document or in an insecure digital system. Electronic document management secures your files with regular backups.

Sharing and Accessibility

How simple is document sharing in your company? You may be relying on old-fashioned "in" and "out" boxes for physical documents on desks, which are notoriously unreliable and unorganized. Or maybe you're using digital solutions that aren't meeting your needs, like collaboration tools that leave you with conflicting edits and sharing tools that aren't secure. Digital document management makes it easy to work together on a document.

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