Document Management Improves Customer Service

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Using Document Management system to provide better customer service

For companies facing fierce competition, customer service is one of the most important factors that helps them rise above others in their field. That's why providing your customer service representatives with fast access to the most updated and accurate information is essential to your success.

Document management can help you do just that. With document indexing and fast search capabilities, there will be no more waiting on the other line or phone tag when a customer is looking for a piece of information. This inspires confidence in your business when customers feel that you have a firm handle on their private information as well as your company documents.

The Document Management Difference

Many offices produce upwards of 500 pages of documents a day. In most industries, these documents must be retained for a certain amount of time to maintain regulatory compliance. And clients, customers, and regulating agencies need the information on these documents to be kept up-to-date, secure, and easy to access when needed.

All of this document control is a tall order, but with document management, it'll be painless. Rather than relying on unsecured hard drives scattered around an office or unorganized filing cabinets, store your files in a document management system for maximum access and safety.

A Customer Service Boost

Research shows that a customer will wait on the phone for only 13 minutes before hanging up in frustration. After this wait time, research suggests that the customer is likely to switch to your competition and complain to at least 24 friends of their negative experience. That's 25 customers that you could lose in just 13 minutes!

Rather than make your customers wait, give your representatives a powerful document management system that will retrieve information with a stroke of a keyboard. Stay ahead of your competition by contacting Best Office Systems today.

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