Do Small Businesses Need Managed Print?

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Printing can hold a small business back without the proper protocols in place. They may seem easy to manage on the surface, but complex printers can take some time to learn how to operate efficiently. Printers should be elevating your business, not holding it back. That’s why many businesses choose to opt for a better solution: managed print services.

So what does managed print mean? And how can it help my small business? Here’s why companies of every size can benefit from allowing an external provider to manage their systems.

What Is a Managed Print Service?

Managed print services (MPS) is when an external provider helps a business optimise or manage its document output. A managed print setup can provide better efficiencies in your office by looking at printing trends. You’ll have much more control over how each of your printing devices is being used and determine how you can maximise their efficiency while reducing costs.

Managed print can analyse things like paper and ink usage, busy printing times, printing habits, and more to help you create a better workflow within your business.

Here are some substantial benefits that you can experience from MPS:

Saves time Improves efficiency Increases productivity Reduces costs Improves information security Provides a greener environmental footprint

Does a Small Business Need Managed Print?

Printing supply costs can add up quickly, so small businesses can absolutely see the benefits of managed print. Here are some common issues that hold back small businesses that an MPS solution can help fix.

Stay On Top of Supplies

If you manage a business that always seems to be running low on ink or paper, you’ll reap the benefits of our timely ink and paper refills that are delivered before you run out. You’ll never have to worry about running out when you need it most.

Better Security

If your small business handles private documentation, you’ll be thrilled to know that managed print has improved security features to prevent any information from escaping the office due to cyber threats. Document encryption can ensure confidential information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands, even between employees within your business. Improve your business’ security protocols by having a managed print solution handle all documentation, devices, and business processes.

Increased Efficiency

Depending on the industry, a small business may be dealing with high volumes of printing. If that’s the case for you, your business is an excellent candidate for setting up a managed print system. Maintaining ink levels isn’t the only concern for managing lots of paper documents. You’ll also see an increase in efficiency and a decrease in costs as MPS optimizes all of your printing needs.

Cut Back on IT Expenses

You can never anticipate when a printer gets jammed. Small businesses can often spend a lot of money on IT support to fix printing machines. These resources can be put to much better use in growing your business if you save costs with a managed print solution. MPS can take the place of IT by solving printing problems over the phone or by sending a technician to fix the issue quickly. With MPS, the day-to-day stresses of managing printers can be taken off your shoulders, letting you focus on the more important management tasks of running your business.

The Perfect Printing Fleet

It can be a challenge to figure out how many printers a small business needs for the size of its workflow. Do you have too many printers? Not enough? The size of your printing fleet can affect the performance of your business processes. Too few printers will hold you back, while too many printers mean that those resources could be better spent elsewhere. MPS can analyze your workflow and processes to ensure you have the perfect number of printers for maximum output.


Small businesses can get just as much use and benefits out of managed print services as larger companies. Take a look at which printing services you need and determine if managed print is right for you. You’ll be seeing benefits in no time.

Are you looking for an external provider to manage your printing setup? Reach out to Best Office Systems to see how we can optimise all of your printing needs.

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