Designing an Office for Any Personality Type

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The set up of an office can go one of two ways. The first is that it is a place people come and go, nothing more and nothing less. The second is that office furniture can be designed so that a space has personality and heightens the environment of a company. It’s safe to say that the second way reaps far more benefits. Here’s how you can design your office for any personality type.

Create Separate Places

While open workspaces have many advantages, they aren’t always beneficial for every personality type. Instead of reverting to a cubicle-based office, try siphoning off small private spaces. This approach allows you to keep a collaborate office and still include a quiet area for employees to concentrate. You’ll find that some people thrive when they can tune out and brainstorm on their own and then bring ideas to the group to elaborate on.

Blend Design Elements

Your employees will each have different work styles and accommodating everyone doesn’t have to be a challenge. The key is to blend various design elements such as traditional and trendy. Designate office furniture that remains in place and chairs that can move. This process allows those who want to have a permanent seating arrangement create a personalised atmosphere while those who prefer to move around can.

Bring in the Outside

Sitting in an office all day can be draining for any personality type. To combat a dreary environment take advantage of natural light and accentuate windows. Encourage employees to bring in personal indoor plants and well as placing a few around your space. Office furniture looks much more inviting with a touch of green set on it.

Being cognisant of different work styles is the first step in creating a cohesive space. Call us today to learn how you can take advantage of office furniture to create a productive environment.

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