How to Choose the Right Office Chair

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When you say you need new office furniture, someone might ask ‘for what?’ and if you specified a chair, they would say ‘what kind?’ There is no one size fits all for office chairs, it depends who will be using it, for how long, and other special needs. Here are a few kinds of chairs to choose from.

Office Chair Types

  • 24-Hour Chair: This office furniture is for an office environment such as a call centre. If an employee is going to be sitting for long periods of time, they will need durable frames with thick padding.
  • Big and Tall Chair: For those who need extra space, this chair will provide necessary comfort.
  • Computer Chair: If you’re working at a computer desk, this chair will adjust to fit the needed height.
  • Conference Chair: A forward-leaning chair that keeps users engaged during meetings.
  • Draughting Chair/Stool: These chairs are made to pair with standing height desks.
  • Executive Chair: High back and leather, these ample cushion chairs are made to look regal.
  • Kneeling Chair: These chairs divide weight between the seat and knee cushion to relieve lower back pain.

Office Furniture Seating

  • Beam Seating: Multiple chairs connected by a beam on the bottom, most likely used for a reception area.
  • Love Seat: Also known as a sofa, this office furniture creates a relaxing living-room type feel.
  • Stacking Chairs: For increased mobility and ability to recreate a room, stacking chairs can be laid out then stored in a corner or confined space.
  • Reception Area Chair: This type of chair is meant to be comfortable, but functional.

As you can see, there are many different office chairs to fit whatever furniture needs you have. If you need office furniture more fitting to your space, call us today!

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