The Best Print Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

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Healthcare facilities need a strong printing solution to keep up with the high volume of patients, each with their own demands that must be met quickly and efficiently. And much of a hospital’s annual budget goes toward printing and document handling. Managed print solutions were designed to help increase the security of documents, improve the efficiency of operations, and greatly reduce the costs of printing.

What Printers Do Healthcare Facilities Need?

Healthcare facilities require a few different printers to maximise efficiency in their workplace. Here are some of the more popular printing options:

Desktop: Desktop printers are the most commonly used print solution as they can easily connect to a computer system and are perfect for carrying out administrative tasks, printing out paperwork, creating labels for patient prescriptions, and more.

Commercial: For healthcare facilities that need to handle a lot of paperwork, commercial printers are designed to spit out high volumes of pages quickly. They come with many great features, including WiFi connectivity to your office computers, and the size of the pages can be adjusted to fit your needs, whether you need to print patient files or prescription pads.

Wristband: Another important piece of equipment is a wristband printer. These printers specialise in helping you keep track of all of your patients by printing out wristbands containing important information, including their name, date of birth, medications they need, and any notable allergies they may have.

Mobile: A mobile printer is an optional but highly convenient printer for healthcare facilities. It’s easy to carry and you can print new labels while on the go. These printers are perfect for nurses who need to keep up with many different patients and don’t want to waste time hunting down the nearest printer.

How Can Managed Print Services Help?

Printing might not seem like it costs a lot, but in keeping up with demands, a 1500-bed hospital can spend $3.8 million on printing each year . This is due to excessive, inefficient printing methods and a misunderstanding as to which printing solutions are right for their facilities. That’s where managed print services come in. Here’s how managed print can help:

Optimised Printing

Too few printing machines will slow down your capacity to manage patients, while too many machines will be a waste of money and lead to inefficient work processes. Managed print will analyse what printing machines your facility actually needs, remove any outdated equipment that’s contributing to higher-cost printing, keep all machines updated with the latest software, and optimise your printing methods to greatly reduce these high costs.

Streamlined Workflow

Much of what contributes to unnecessary print spending is a need for a better workflow in processes like departmental printing habits, busy printing times, and paper and ink usage. A managed print solution will monitor these areas and create a new structure that will help reduce these costs and improve productivity. You’ll get more out of your printers for less of the cost.

Timely Refills

It’s highly inconvenient whenever a printer’s ink runs low when you need it most. And in healthcare facilities, low ink can be a critical roadblock in making sure your patients’ needs are met promptly. A managed print solution will take the responsibility off your shoulders by monitoring ink and paper levels and will send you refills before they run out.

HIPAA Compliant

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was created to ensure that the healthcare sector maintains the privacy of each patient’s personal information and that no information is disclosed without the patient’s knowledge. Managed print services uphold this code by placing watermarks, digital signatures, and other security measures on documents, preventing important information from being viewed by the wrong people.


Managed print solutions will give you greater control over how much money is being spent on printing, so that you can greatly reduce printing costs and put that money toward other areas that will contribute to saving patients’ lives.

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