6 Ways to Create Quiet Spaces in the Office

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Open workspaces that encourage collaboration are on the rise in office environments today. While these layouts have many benefits, sometimes employees need time in their work day to concentrate in a quiet place. Here are six ways you can create spaces for concentration in your office.

1. Ensure There's Variety

Management should let employees know they are attuned to the fact that everyone has a different working style. Provide a variety of workspaces so that team members can choose what works best for them. You can provide office furniture such as standing desks or lounge settings.

2. Include Enclosed Rooms

If you want to create an open workspace environment, it’s vital to include spaces for employees to grab a quiet moment. You can create this space quickly with unassigned office spaces where people can retreat for phone calls or to concentrate on writing. Creating enclosed rooms will allow you to keep an open workspace with various options.

3. Utilize Office Furniture

If creating enclosed rooms isn’t possible, you can use office furniture to mimic the feel of a private office. A lounge chair paired with a table and lamp in the corner can work just as well as an office with enclosed space. You can even discuss having that area be a place that requires talking minimally.

4. Incorporate Flexible Office Furniture

You can also get creative with the office furniture you already have to block off a quiet space. Whiteboards, curtains, or dividers can be moved to create an area that indicates an employee is focusing on a project. Then, when they are ready to collaborate, you can rearrange the furniture back in place.

5. Create Universal Signals

Another option for creating quiet spaces in the office is allowing employees to decide on signals that they need to focus. Some ideas for signs are wearing earbuds, blocking off time on their schedule, or sitting at an individual workstation.

6. Consider Outdoor Spaces

By incorporating outdoor office furniture, you add another area that employees can go to seek quiet. They are usually a welcomed respite for sitting all day indoors as well.

A quiet place to focus on work is necessary for individual projects. By valuing this as a manager, you communicate to your team that you are open to different work styles. To learn more about how office furniture can transform your space, call us today!

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